Alienated and/or separated
from your kid(s)?

Have you lost contact with your son or daughter?
This may have been due to parental alienation, divorce or a sequence of life event.
Whatever separated you from them, you are not alone.

“Wish you weren’t my dad”

“I hate you”

“I don’t want to have
anything to do with you”

What is the Upward Spiral?

Before answering that question, from working with well over 400 fathers I have seen the patterns that take place when a father loses contact with his kids. This is a fire that rips through his life and something that he has never been prepared for.

Some fathers have described this as mourning the death of their child while they are still alive. This ripples into many areas of their life, starting with sleep – either unable to, or sleep way too much. To help with sleep, some resort to drinking or sleeping tablets. Exercise gets placed on the “I will get back to this shortly” list and before they know it, 6 months have passed.

The feelings of regret, overwhelm, anger for some, and uncertainty when they will see their kids again often start to affect work, relationships, and on and on.

The Upward Spiral is exactly that, the upward spiral in your life. This focuses on the 100k Life Pillars. Not just rebuilding, but often taking these pillars to a level you have never experienced before.

The Upward Spiral Program is based on the experience of working both 1-1 and in groups with over 400 fathers. 

“Finding 100k fathers has helped get me through one of the darkest most unexpected tragedies a father will ever face, and that is having his children removed. The support, wisdom, and experience shared in this group has enlightened and guided me to a more positive and hopeful place that someday things will turn around and when they do I will be ready”

What is 100k Fathers?

100k Fathers is not about being the victim with focussing your time and energy thinking about what role your ex has taken in you not seeing your kids or potentially how she has influenced your kids so they start saying they don’t want to spend time with you.

This is about preparing you for the time in the future when you will have the first phone call or meeting with your kid/s. Are you ready for those difficult questions and volatile emotions? 

There are many common but often unknown mistakes that fathers make that can easily push your kids away from you during these initial interactions. 

There are very few options available to a father to reunite with his kids. Most often advice provided to the father is to not give up and to fight this in court.

If you look up the definition of “fight”, the result will look something like “a violent confrontation or struggle.” or  “to contend in battle or physical combat especially: to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapons” The outcome is always one and often both parties lose (Except for the lawyers).

My question is, what are you wanting to achieve and what does success look like with you and your kids?

Do you want to see your kids through court ordered 50/50? Well, this is possible but at what cost? How sustainable will your relationship be with your kids when they are forced to see you? A judge cannot make your kids love you.

Reuniting with your kids takes a few stages. We see success as your kids wanting you to see you and then together spending quality and meaningful time as a guardian and mentor in their lives.

This is a journey where you will realize your full potential as a father and a man through building the pillars in your life and turning your life into an incredible upward spiral.

Our mission is to reunite 100,000 fathers with their kids.

Multiple levels of support for the fathers

  • Exclusive global community of alienated and separated fathers
  • Private group calls with the fathers
  • Group calls where expert speakers are interviewed
  • Build connections and friendships
  • Library of interviews and videos
  • 100k Life Pillars
  • Member to member communications
  • Peer to peer support
  • Upward Spiral self-guided program
  • Intensive 1-1 8 week Upward Spiral program

We do not provide any legal support or advice

Our private community has no time-wasting adverts and is accessible on your desktop, tablet and mobile

“Garry and the group of men at 100k Fathers have made me more resilient through education on the steps I need to take to navigate through this troubling time without succumbing to the downward spiral that can grip us when we are in crisis. It has been a long time since I have felt that even if my daughter decides at some point in the future to cut off all contact, I will have this supportive group of Fathers to lean on, continue to learn from, and grow to be the best version of myself for when she comes back to me. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I have learned, the stories I have heard and the lessons I have yet to learn as a member of 100k Fathers.” David

Take the 1st Step with a Call

If you resonate with 100k Fathers, I would like to offer you a call to find out if our community and the multiple levels of support that we have for you are what you have been searching for. 

“The best thing was working toward being ready for this moment. If I was still as depressed as I had been, or not taking care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually and financially, I would have had nothing to offer my son when he wanted to live with me. If I would not have been well, I would not have been in a position to have any grace, patience, understanding and love that I believe I am giving him. I do think this experience is making me an even better father than I could have imagined. I am so grateful to this group for the support and encouragement that I have received. Having been alienated from my father by my mother when I was a kid, I saw the signs and knew I needed help. 100k fathers have been a Godsend! I know there is still a journey ahead of me and ultimately healing and forgiveness, but today I just feel blessed.”

Become the man and father that you would want your kids to meet in the future

“This was an amazing call today! I look forward to this call every month. It reminds me where I was at my worst, how far I have come and where I am still able to go. The support and words of wisdom from the fathers was was very uplifting for me. We are all in different places, but on the same journey. I was so encouraged today – thank you, brothers!” Dan

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